Welcome to the Edenvale creative diary, this is where we log all the latest information about the business venture. On the links below, we will be showcasing a variety of information regarding gardening and beyond.

The stories:

The first Robomax harvester

Pictured is the first Robomax harvester in the South West and only the third of its kind in the UK, supplied by Turfmech machinery. Delivered to Edenvale Turf (SW) Ltd in early summer of 2006, the harvester has an on board robot to pick up turf and place the rolls to create the turf stacks, ready for loading and delivery. The whole turf harvested operation can now be done with one man – one machine. It can harvest all day long, with no stacker fatigue. Along side out robotic harvester we o
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Say Hello to Fresh Turf

Here at Edenvale, we like to think that we are turf growing specialists Growing high quality turf is a lot more technical than just having a water cress tray on your window sill. If the grass is overfed with nutriments, the roots can’t take the strain and die, if the roots are underfed in vitamins, the grass will turn yellow and slowly die. If you would like a demonstration of our turf installation, more information regarding any of our services or to speak with one of our turf specialists
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