Seeded Lawn Turf

Edenvale Turf Ltd use a good, general purpose turf mix when seeding our fields to provide a hard wearing turf, with excellent colour and is not be too demanding with regard to maintenance. Always the first choice for your lawn.

Seeded lawn turf:

  • A lawn that is attractive yet durable
  • Lawn can be used within 3-4 weeks
  • Turf laying can be done all year round subject to snow on the ground and severe drought
  • Lawn turf absorbs rainwater efficiently and helps control erosion of the soil
  • Great quality family lawn turf suitable for lawns and larger landscaping projects for hardwearing use
  • Cultivated from seed and is regularly treated for weeds


If you would like a demonstration of our turf installation, more information regarding any of our services or to speak with one of our turf specialists, please feel free to call us on 01884 266509.